Friday, February 4, 2011

Gone to Market

While I didn't grow up in a tiny town I always admired the little town of Stars Hollow on the TV show Gilmore Girls, there was something neat about all of your needs within walking distance of your house, entertaining and quirky neighbors, the whole package appealed to it should've come as no surprise that I have ended up living in a small town (not entirely tiny) but close enough to Austin to enjoy it's many benefits and far enough that I can see the stars at night. My little town (Hutto) has started to pick up some neat little shops of late, the usual cute-sy stuff (you know, metal signs, candles, home decor) but in the last few weeks a grocery store has gone in! I am very excited to announce that Sarah's
Texas Pantry
opened its doors just a few short weekends ago to quite the crowd!

Unknowingly Mom and I stumbled into the midst of the ribbon cutting event and joined the fray! After the ceremony we enjoyed talking with Sarah (the proprietor)...

Her shop is fantastic, it's full of Texas products, from great scented bath supplies, pet food and treats made in the Lone Star state to fresh produce, great canned/jarred products, spice mixes and other pantry staples and even locally sourced meat and dairy products.

During the Grand Opening we had the chance to sample some delicious sausages made by Texas Heritage Beef Company. One of the most fascinating things to me was speaking with the brother and sister duo who was there to represent Texas Heritage Beef Company, we spoke about their products, how they produce their meets and Texas ranching in general. What a great opportunity to really know where your favorite products are coming from!

Sarah's stayed nice and busy and I am happy to report I have made a number of visits since, I can't wait to see what other fantastic items she stocks!


  1. Loving this Dee! I need to see my home state now and then, though its in my heart!

    Hope your doing great!

  2. Chef E, what a fun meet up it would be if you drove right here for a visit! Though not always in a timely fashion we are some blogging women in this family!

  3. Love it! Thank you both for shopping at Sarah's Texas Pantry and for being there at the ribbon cutting. Such a wonderful day.

  4. So glad I stumbled across your blog, Dee and daughter, Hornsfan! My daughter and her young family are moving to Austin and I can't wait to take her for a day trip to Hutto very soon! Thanks for the tip!

    Your Laredo friend,

  5. Mary Helen, I am excited for you to have even more reason to visit Austin. Hope I can meet up with you on one of those trips!
    TasteofTexas~it was our pleasure to be there & share in your joy. Congrats, what a great start.

  6. Dee- I am coming the end of June- Would you be available for a meeting in July? I know its hot, but my friend Donna and I will drive into Austin for a night of me if you can

  7. Elizabeth, sounds great. We'd love to get together. We have all kinds of great spots here to explore. Fun, fun!