Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Than a Pretty Face, this Girl Needs a Home~

 Give this girl a home.  Her name is Lady Bird & she's looking for a family.  When we went to the Cedar Park Farmer's Market on Saturday we were surprised to see there was a pet meet & greet going on.  This pup captured our hearts immediately.  She was sweet, kind & altogether polite which is what made us stop & visit with her to hear more of her story. 
With soft ears, responsive licks & fur like velvet she was a warm sight on a cold  Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market.  Lady Bird is a well mannered 3 year old. She lost her human companion about a year ago, has a soft spot in her heart for kids, kitties & loving companionship.  For more information on Lady Bird Check Here:  For more information on Adopt-a-Bull in Austin or around the country check here.  The American Stafordshire Terrier is a very loyal & proud canine breed.  A few people give these incredible dogs a bad name but if I didn't have a house full of pet companions already I'd take Lady Bird into my home.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where everybody knows your name?

Hand-battered Onion Rings cooked to perfection!
Okay, so it's not a neighborhood bar in a charming historic area of Boston. However Snuffy's in Hutto Texas seems like that kind of spot for regulars. The local bar with good food & even wifi sits directly on highway 79 in the middle of Hutto. It just might have been overlooked a few years ago however recent growth has been getting the tiny town just 30 minutes from Austin an incredible amount of notice. There seems to be much to take a second look at these days.  Snuffy's might seem like a neighborhood bar but the food they offer really hit a sweet spot for us one recent visit. The menu is simple,  hearty & the service was prompt. Our waiter actually came back to the table several times to check on our response to our heartys sandwiches & onion rings. The pulled pork sandwich & burgers were good but oh, those onion rings!! Hand-battered & fried in small batches. They are everything which a satisfyingly, guilty pleasure of bar food should be.

Slow cooked daily, the pulled pork sandwich is fabulous.
1/3 lb burgers at under $5 were a hit.
Snuffy's has been around as a tavern or bar since the 1940's but is rumored to have been home to several former businesses which include a funeral home & even a potato chip shop which used to sell potato chip snacks for a nickel a bag. Regardless of which story is to be told or believed in this small town, tall tale of humble beginnings; the food at Snuffy's Place was a hit.  How much of a hit?  Well, we are planning another visit on a weekend not too far away.  Best time of day to visit Snuffy's?  Daytime seems best to beat the evening crowd & have a little more time to enjoy the food but then where else can a tiny Texas town offer full bar, good food & wifi?